How to write csv file in c#

To create a csv file we will use “StringBuilder” and “WriteAllText” functions. It use these functions we need to add two namespaces.

  • System.Text (StringBuilder)
  • System.IO (WriteAllText)

This is a very simple way to write a CSV (Comma separated value) file. You can use this file type to export and import data between applications.

I recommend you use this format in your export options when you are developing something.

private static void Csv(List<Element> elements)
	var csv = new StringBuilder();

	string head = "Field1,Field2,Field3";

	foreach (var element in elements)
		string line = element.field1 + ";" + element.field2 + ";" + element.field3;

	File.WriteAllText("data.csv", csv.ToString());

More information about CSV file: